The Survivalists Guide To Zombie Outbreaks

Welcome To Zombie Survival 101.
Hopefully you have brought your notebooks, pencils, and trusty boomstick so we can begin our lessons!

Darling you gotta let me know... Should I stay or should I go?



Hello Zombie Hungry Populous,

     Welcome to my first 3 part special.  Our grand topic?  

In the event of a zombie outbreak, would you stay put, stock supplies, and board up the windows, or pack the minivan, grab your trusty boom stick, and seek shelter elsewhere?

     This is a topic that has had me scratching my noggin.  I keep going back and forth in my head as to what I would do, and frankly, I am on the fence.  After plenty of soul searching, I believe it boils down to where you are during the outbreak.  I implore you to give me some feedback on my ideas.

Here we go...

The Scenario...
     Ok, so here's what we are up against.  A virus hits the United States, spread by fluid transfer (blood, saliva, urine, etc.) and causes the recently deceased to rise and feed on human flesh.  Being deceased flesh, those infected are slow, lumbering, uncoordinated, and unintelligent.  The cause and nature of the virus is unknown, and for arguments sake, hits simultaneously in an urban metropolis, suburban burg, and rural farming town.
    Now we are going to discuss what I feel is the best course of action if living in any of these locales during a zombie outbreak.

-The Urban Jungle.  Here is the scenario where I think the road warrior has the best chance at survival, and one has a small window of opportunity to get moving.
     Think about this logically for a second (I know, I know... Logically? We are talking about zombies for crying out loud!!)  We are talking about an area that is very densely populated.  A zombie virus will spread incredibly fast and the number of infected will grow exponentially.  The denser the population, the closer proximity that population lives in, will translate into this virus spreading incredibly fast.  Therefore, I believe the best course of action is to get out of the city as quick as possible.
     I recommend this option for a few reasons.  Space is at a premium in a city, so stocking supplies is not a very viable option.  Next, there will be tons of infected knocking on your door, so shoring up your dwelling is going to be exceedingly difficult.  Finally, once supplies have run out, moving around a city infested with infected is going to be near impossible.  Given that list of issues, I think getting out of the city and seeking shelter elsewhere may be your best option.

Stay tuned for Part Deux... The Return ::cue scary, dramatic music:

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