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Welcome To Zombie Survival 101.
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Hold Your!



Hello Zombie Hungry Populous,

     Although I know you have probably been clamoring for the second installment of "Should I Stay or Should I Go," I wanted to share with you a golden nugget of a movie I just discovered.  The Norwegian answer to Shawn of the Dead, Dead Snow.  This movie had everything I want from a zombie spoof.  Zombie Nazis, excessive and inventive gore, humor... And it even manages to stay fresh.  Only 20 minutes after watching this, I believe it has become one of my all time favorite horror movies and firmly believe you should see it.
     Most zombie films end up being spoofs, even if they intend on being serious, and those that set out to be spoofs end up completely unwatchable.  Dead Snow has a clever script, good acting, and decent gore effects.  Add that to the seldom used zombie nazi, and you have an exciting, fresh, and thoroughly enjoyable movie.  The only caveat is you have to watch this movie in its native Norwegian with subtitles, which I do not mind, but there are those out there who refuse to "read and watch." (Oh, you people are out there.  I know it.  You know it.  And you know who you are.)  
     There are some gore sequences which are truly new (at least to me, but I've seen all matters of gore) and border on ludicrous.  Also, the writer did pay homage to the horror genre a few different ways (we see the big guy in a Braindead t-shirt, they talk about Friday the 13th, etc.)  Overall, I would give this movie a solid 4 of 5 zombie sought after brains (this was the most clever I could be at the moment, slightly sleep deprived.)

Alright, keep staying tuned until the next segment of hunkering down or hittin' the road.

Till next time...Keep scared.

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