The Survivalists Guide To Zombie Outbreaks

Welcome To Zombie Survival 101.
Hopefully you have brought your notebooks, pencils, and trusty boomstick so we can begin our lessons!

Lesson 1 - Who am I?



Hello Zombie Hungry Populous...

     I figured I would utilize the first entry to introduce myself.  I am not just a zombie fiction fanatic, but a child of the zombie genre.  I had my first living dead experience at the tender age of 6 when I stumbled across the film Return of the Living Dead (1985).  Although a wonderful parody meant to goof on the genre, to an impressionable 6 year old, this was a terrifying ordeal.  I spent  years avoiding horror films after this traumatic incident, but had a "renaissance" in and around my freshman year of high school.

A renaissance you say?

Oh yes... George Romero's Day of the Dead (1985).

Enough history. How about a little perspective huh?

     Alright then.  George Romero, the grandfather of the zombie genre, holds a special place in my heart.  He created the slow moving, decaying, unintelligent, flesh eating ghouls we have grown to know and love.  But... my favorite zombie film happens to be Lucio Fulci's Zombi (AkA Zombie 2, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Etc.)


     Yes, I know, I know... Dawn of the Dead (1978) is the standard, but I feel that the sense of claustrophobia and dread is absolutely overpowering in Zombi.   Lucio Fulci creates an atmosphere rarely seen in the horror genre that makes me uncomfortable from the very first scene, and when coupled with inventive gore scenes, and a rather unique score, it is one remarkable film.  As far as the Romero quintet of films (soon to become a sextet,) I believe that Day of the Dead (1985) is the best constructed of the lot, and I am also partial to The Beyond, Shawn of the Dead, Dellamorte Dellamore, and Braindead.  (More on these to come in future blogs... remember, this is just a barebones introduction.)

So that should be a glimpse of my preferences... Important to know who your professor is...

     Ok, so what do I intend on doing via this blog... I intend to discuss how to survive any number of zombie outbreak scenarios.  And yes, I know what you are thinking.  There is plenty of fiction out there outlining what to do in the case of a zombie outbreak, so why look to your blog?  And that is a valid point, but, and you may or may not feel the same, I have always been left with more questions than answers from all those supposed survival guides and blogs.  I have spent inordinate amounts of my life pondering scenarios and arguing points with fellow fanatics, and I have decided to share my insights and ideas with you, the zombie hungry populous.

I encourage you to share constructive ideas and insights as well.  Most of all, I hope you will enjoy this blog, and possibly learn some tips on zombie head bashing and apocalypse survival.

Stay tuned... more to come as my first real post will talk about my favorite zombie survival issue...
Weapon Selection.

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