The Survivalists Guide To Zombie Outbreaks

Welcome To Zombie Survival 101.
Hopefully you have brought your notebooks, pencils, and trusty boomstick so we can begin our lessons!

The Madness to my Method.



I shall address this to both the Zombie Hungry Populous and those who think the genre is silly.  

Well, I am sure this has circulated around the net for a while (and I am guilty of posting it around certain venues myself) but I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to post it again.  And why do I post it you might ask... Well, it's food for thought.

Plus, it shows you that even though I have spent way too many hours of my life contemplating the ins and outs of zombie survival, it actually isn't as far fetched as you might want to believe.

Alright, it's still pretty far fetched, but it could happen!!

(As I am new to this whole blog thing, you might have to copy and paste this one... I apologize, I am blog-illiterate.) 

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